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MultibetX is the leading community casino on MultiversX. We build innovative games in EGLD and share the profits with our NFT holders. Join the MultibetX family to get your share of casino profits.

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Multibots by MultibetX

Multibots is a collection of 1111 avatars like MultibetX that get passive income in EGLD every month.

Yield multipliers, the more Multibots you stake, the more you increase your yields. Rewards in EGLD every month from 20% of casino profits & 70% royalties.

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How it works ?

MultibetX is the leading community casino on MultiversX. We build casino games and share the profits with our NFT holders.

For each game, a payout rate of 96% is programmed, the rest constitutes the casino profits. This allows us to create games with no betting fees and generate profits for our holders. By holding one of our NFT you get passive income in EGLD every month.

Playing our games is simple and there are no fees on bets. Exchange EGLD for credits, play with your credits, and exchange your credits for EGLD. So with your credits you can play all the casino games. The credit system is developed by our team to reduce the transaction time of each spin. This is how we build, always innovating to remain leaders.

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Phase 01

Q3 2022

Roadmap V1

  • Creation of the EVC casino brand image
  • Development of the first 3 casino games (slot, roulette & W.O.F)
  • Launch of 555 membership cards (SOLD OUT)
  • Setting up monthly reward distributions (in $EGLD)
  • 1st distribution of rewards for holders
  • Design + development of the new game (chosen by the holders)
  • Partnerships with other Elrond projects
  • Integration of the casino with the partner project
  • Promotion campaign with the partner to give visibility
  • Event in collaboration with the partner
Phase 02

Q4 2022


  • Choice of the new name with the community
  • Creation of the new brand image
  • Redesign of the website (V2)
  • Redesign of the dapp (V2)
  • Launch of the V2 MultibetX website and dapp
Phase 03

Q1 2023

Games evolution

  • Total overhaul of current games (V2 games)
  • Redesign of current slot machines
  • Redesign of the current roulette
  • Improved game logic (slots and roulette)
  • UI/UX improvement (slots and roulette)
  • Release of V2 games more web3 oriented
Phase 04

Q1 2023

New EGLD game

  • Proposal of a new game to the community
  • Creation of the new game
  • Design of the new game (UI - game design)
  • Development of the new game (UX - gaming experience)
  • Implementation and announcement of the new game
  • Communication campaigns for the new game
Phase 05

Q1 2023

Community expansion

  • Launch of discord animations (contest, poker night, etc..)
  • Sneakpeeks of the V2 collection (not membership cards)
  • Mint of the V2 collection (benefits for card holders and VIP's)
  • Supply : TBA | Price : TBA | Date : TBA (more info to come)
  • Launch of NFT staking for the V2 collection
  • Game rewards remain at 555 membership cards
Phase 06

Q2 2023

Increased game volumes

  • Creation of 2 new games (blackjack & slot)
  • Blackjack development (UI/UX)
  • Blackjack launch on our dapp
  • New slot machine development (UI/UX)
  • New slot machine launch on our dapp
  • Total of 6 advanced games on our casino
  • Overall improvement of the user experience (mobile and PC)
Phase 07

Q2 2023

Affiliate program

  • Affiliate program development (onchain/without email)
  • Added onchain affiliate program to our casino
  • Edit your personalized link
  • Share it with your audience
  • Earn cashback on your affiliate volume
  • MultibetX ambassadors recruitment
  • Affiliate campaigns with ambassadors


MultibetX is created by passionate developers from the MultiversX community. Our ambition is to build the 1st community casino in EGLD. Our investors receive rewards and have real decision-making power over the evolution of the casino (partnerships, new games, rewards).

We plan to implement the casino with partner projects who want to offer gambling experiences to their members. Our technical skills allow us to work on different supports (dapp, website, metaverse).

What are membership cards (V1 collection) used for ?

The membership cards are the MultibetX OG's. Holders of these 555 cards get 60% of casino profits + 70% of royalties every month in EGLD. They also have voting power for casino evolution.

What are Multibots used for ?

How many membership cards ?

How many Multibots ?

How to get casino profits ?

How to play at our casino ?

Why build on MultiversX (Elrond) ?

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How much bet fees ?

What is the payout rate ?

How are casino profits generated ?

Why play here ?

What are MultibetX's ambitions for the future ?